Power flushing

Does your system need to be flushed out?

Is there a blockage within the boiler heat exchanger or through out the radiators and pipe work.

If your heating only partially gets warm and not coming on at all. This could be an indication of a blockage somewhere within the system.

Does your Hot Water keeps on getting hot and cold? This is also an indication of a possible blockage within the heat exchanger.

Call us today or book online to arrange a visit for one of our experienced engineers to attend and identify if there is any blockage within your heating and hot water system. We will then arrange for what ever necessary work to be done. This includes unblocking heating systems, power flushing, unblocking plate heat exchangers , radiators, pipe work and so on..

 So call us today on +447825611218

Call us today on:+447825611218 Or email us on: services@h3gs-heating.co.uk to book your free estimate.

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